Saturday, June 14, 2014


The lead story at Fox Nation right now is, shockingly, not about the Middle East, or Bowe Bergdahl, or David Brat, or Hillary Clinton. It's about those refugee kids coming over the border.

So, what do you see when you look at this juxtaposition of headline and text?

Well, to me it's obvious. Those are men -- real men. They're in uniformed. They're armed. They're on horseback, like the real men who tamed the West.

And evil Obama is forcing them to change diapers like they're girls! He may as well have gone into their uniform pants and removed their manly bits! All because he wants little brown future Democrat voters to come here illegally!

I know this is a huge story on the right. I know that the Fox host who beat Eric Cantor, Laura Ingraham, was reacted with contempt when it was reported that some of these children were getting sick from food the Customs and Border Patrol people had fed them.

The Washington Times story that Fox Nation is linking to now is Customs pushing back on reports of poor treatment:
Gil Kerlikowske, commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, said Friday that many of the illegal immigrant children his agents are encountering trying to slip across the U.S.-Mexico border have never even seen a doctor before.

He described scenes of Border Patrol agents changing diapers and heating baby formula in order to care for some of the youngest children, and said agents are being asked to do things way beyond their skill set -- particularly for so many of the agents who are young, single men.

"I've been down there, a lot, and spent a lot of time and I've seen these agents doing incredible things," he said....
Fox flips that around and turns it into an attack on America's virility by the president and the fecund brown hordes south of the border. And every old man in the Fox audience feels it where he lives.


Victor said...

Well, John Wayne (cue, heavenly music) NEVER had to change a diaper!

These people get their tit's uproared over the most trivial things...

Kathy said...

Could these "pro-life" yahoos spare one minute to think about the conditions that are forcing the children out of their homes? (Don't worry, I know the answer is "no".)

Dark Avenger said...

You know it's a baybee until it leaves the womb and starts breathing, then it becomes a moocher wanting to be waited on hand and foot, as my grandmother would've said.

Philo Vaihinger said...

"Well, to me it's obvious. Those are men -- real men. They're in uniformed. They're armed. They're on horseback, like the real men who tamed the West."

I think the most distant one looks like a girl.


Never Ben Better said...

I believe you're correct, PV -- but that's Pioneer Woman, defending the homestead from marauding savages modern style, so it's okay.