Thursday, June 05, 2014


This is at The Weekly Standard now:
Hillary Includes Picture With Benghazi Caskets in Book Montage

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has a book coming out next week. Today, her publisher released images from the back cover of the book.

... one of the images is Clinton with President Barack Obama, standing in front of the Benghazi caskets at Andrews Air Force Base, dated September 14, 2012, just days after the September 11 attack.
Here's the tweet showing the image. The Benghazi photo is in the upper right corner in the montage at left:

Oh my God! every right-winger is about to say in unison. That's shameful and appalling!

Do you know what wasn't shameful and appalling, according to The Weekly Standard? Do you what no right-winger has ever found shameful and appalling?

The fact that for the past thirteen years George W. Bush has branded himself with a photo of himself standing triumphantly on a mass grave full of Americans. In fact, as I noted back in 2010, when you open Bush's memoir, Decision Points, it's the first bit of actual content you see in the book, on pages ii and iii -- before the title page, before the dedication, before the table of contents, before any of the text:

So pleasedon't give me any pious nonsense about Hillary "exploiting" Benghazi victims by using that photo -- not if you never said a word about Bush exploiting the 9/11 dead.


Glennis said...

George Bush would never use photos of soldiers coffins in HIS book.

Because he didn't allow any photos to be taken.

Victor said...

Aunt Snow,
There was a very good reason for that:
After you've carefully marketed something, and successfully sold it, you don't want to show dead people who bought into your shitty product.

Anonymous said...

Left-wing bad, Right-wing good. Details not matter. Ugh.

BeDone said...

And to compare the two anyway would be ridiculous. Bush used the attacks of 9/11 to his advantage to justify everything he pushed for over the following 7 1/2 years. Considering the circus that wingers have tried to turn Benghazi into, you could make an argument that it takes guts for HRC to include a photo reminding people of this perceived (by the right, anyway) disaster. She certainly isn't using it in a triumphant way like Dubya. Maybe if he had included a image showing the Presidential Daily Brief that he brushed aside during the month prior to Sept. 11 at which time he was at his "Ranch" clearing brush.