Saturday, March 15, 2014


The gun lobby's power in Washington continues to be absolute:
Facing a possible defeat in the Senate, the White House is considering delaying a vote on President Obama's choice for surgeon general or withdrawing the nomination altogether....

The nominee, Dr. Vivek H. Murthy, an internist and political ally of the president's, has come under criticism from the National Rifle Association....

Senate aides said Friday that as many as 10 Democrats are believed to be considering a vote against Dr. Murthy, who has voiced support for various gun control measures like an assault weapons ban, mandatory safety training and ammunition sales limits....
Let's see:

Organized crime controls the commerce in illegal drugs that are used recreationally, many of which can be deadly. The gun lobby is involved in the sale of firearms, which are used recreationally, and which can be deadly.

Organized crime figures go into neighborhoods and demand protection money from merchants, threatening them with serious harm if they don't pay up. The gun lobby demands certain votes of legislators, threatening them with serious harm if they vote any other way.

Organized crime intimidates those who know about its harmful activities, ensuring that they'll remain silent. Here's part of what's upsetting the gun lobby about Dr. Murthy:
After the shooting in Newtown, Murthy's group [Doctors for America] authored an open letter to Obama..., stating:

“It's time for ... a comprehensive plan to address gun violence including ensuring funding for research and data-collection on gun violence and ensuring that health care providers can ask patients about gun ownership in order to counsel them appropriately about safety measures.”
Under pressure from the gun lobby, we had what was effectively a 17-year ban on federal funing for gun violence research, a ban that was lifted by Preident Obama after Newtown. However:
that thaw has not yet produced scientific breakthroughs because America still lacks the money and minds to churn out pivotal studies on the topic, medical experts contend.

... U.S. lawmakers have not yet invested adequate dollars to study the issue and, so far, that lack of funding has failed to entice researchers to answer the president's call....
Silence must be maintained. No one must be allowed to talk about what's being done. Is it appropriate to use the word omerta?

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Victor said...

Well, the Conservatives are losing on the gay's issue, but they're still clinging to their God and their Guns.

How much of a "man" are you, if you have to walk into a fast-food joint openly packing a semi-automatic rifle?
Not even a pistol.
But a rifle?