Sunday, March 02, 2014


Breitbart's Joel Pollak thinks this is wonderful:

A rogue street artist has ambushed the 86th Academy Awards with a slew of street art posters poking fun at President Barack Obama and the Oscars. The posters, of unknown origin, feature the Oscar statue with Vladimir Lenin's head and the title "OCZARS," referring to the proliferation of "czars"--powerful officials with no congressional oversight--in the Obama administration. The "O" is the Obama campaign's familiar symbol....
Oh, great timing, genius -- apart from the fact that Omigod Obama has "czars"!!!! has never gotten traction with anyone outside the wingnut subculture, you put this up at the moment Putin invades Crimea and you expect people to see your ridiculous poster and think Obama is the modern-day equivalent of Lenin?



aimai said...

They are literally getting down to signs and jokes that can be understood by about three people, none of them important. This czar thing is hysterical. Its like all their charges against obama are high tide marks from brief storms and they take the sea wrack for a sign that the water will get that high again, but it never will. Its one failed meme after another: Jeremiah Wright, Czars, Bengahzi, IRS, whatever--they hold hearings for a while, whip their followers up into a frenzy, then drop it in search of something tha twill have more traction. Meanwhile a few of their brain dead followers hang on to the language or imagery of the last few attacks, while the money guys have moved on. Its like the last of the reagan followers still saying "trust, but verify" or "tear down this wall" without realizing that most people can't remember what those catch phrases are from.

Victor said...

If we look at this kind of nonsense, and think, "Oh, it's a CARTOON!", we'll laugh at the Conservative Elmer Fudd's trying to shoot that Waskawwy Wabbit, Bugs Obunny.

Jules said...

I first heard the term czar used in this context when Reagan was in office, so I'm still puzzled as to why it suddenly became a favorite accusation. Is it payback (because I remember Doonesbury used it a lot) or are they morons, or both?

It will be funny if it turns out some smart ass was deliberately poking at the easily excited right wing. (Why stick Putin's head on the statue? Half the right wing has massive wood for Vlad 2Sexy4ThisShirt.)

Glennis said...

I think as street art it's pretty funny and clever, but I don't think the artist was in solidarity with the right wing.

And yeah, the jokes. I recently encountered a teleprompter joke in some comment section somewhere. So 2009!