Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Right-wingers refer to the mainstream press as the "liberal media," but the difference between the "liberal media" and the conservative media is that the conservative media enthusiastically backs conservatives.

Whereas the liberal media ... well, here's Maureen Dowd. On the right, she's always portrayed as a liberal -- but give her a progressive like Bill de Blasio to write about and she turns up her nose, preferring L.A. mayor Gil Eric Garcetti because he gives good quote, because he's kissed the ring of Saint Bloomberg, and because he likes those icky unions a lot less:
The tremors may have had morning TV anchors diving under the desk, but it takes more than a 4.4 quiver to rattle Eric Garcetti.

"I don’t lose my head," said the Democratic mayor of Los Angeles, who was in bed with his wife, Amy Wakeland, when the earthquake struck at dawn Monday. "I've always kind of enjoyed the small ones. The small ones are kind of fun."

... He says he wants to be "humble" as he helps the city restore its "hustle," and, to that end, he recently made a cup of coffee for a startled Chinese construction mogul who could bring business here.

He has been a stark contrast to New York's new Democratic mayor, Bill de Blasio, who has been highly visible but abrasive and obsessive about one cause: funding a pre-K program by taxing the wealthy. While de Blasio came to power belittling Michael Bloomberg's tenure, Garcetti went to Manhattan before he was sworn in eight months ago to seek out Bloomberg's advice.

"I pull some of the metric-based leadership from Bloomberg," he said, during an interview at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel....

While de Blasio has been publicly battling Gov. Andrew Cuomo on raising taxes and closing charter schools, Garcetti has been quietly and amiably working with Gov. Jerry Brown on climate change and on providing tax inducements that would stem the exodus of film and TV production companies to Louisiana and Canada....

While de Blasio is seen as a captive of unions and foe of business, Garcetti has pushed back against the powerful public works employees' union and reached out to business.

"He’s much more of a Bloomberg mayor than a de Blasio mayor," said one prominent C.E.O. here. "He clearly understands the need to partner with us and not bash us."
Let's sum up: Tax breaks to wealthy film producers? Good. Unions? Godawful. Groveling before Chinese plutocrats? Awesome. Questioning whether charter schools funded by billionaires should have 100% of what they want and have it paid by ordinary taxpayers? How uncouth, Mayor de Blasio! Soothing the delicate fee-fees of "prominent CEOs"? Bravo, Mayor Garcetti!

Yeah, what a liberal Dowd is.


Victor said...

The few times MoDo's good, she's really good!

The other 98% of the time, she's more like a JHS/HS gossip columnist, who has writes about her crushes on the manly-man jocks.

The NY Times really needs to eliminate most of its Op-Ed staff.
I haven't bought that damn paper in 2 years, because their Op-Ed staff sucks, and their reporting has gone downhill.
Not that there aren't good reporters and Op-Ed writers! But why the hell would I pay for so much chaff, to find grains of wheat?

Roger said...

A 4.4 wouldn't rattle anyone.

MoDo's DTs are at least a 5.2.