Saturday, March 01, 2014


Marco Rubio knows the responsible thing for a senator to do at a time of international crisis -- take to the media and try to score points against the president -- so he's written an opinion piece for Politico Magazine titled "8 Steps Obama Must Take to Punish Russia." First recommendation:
President Obama should speak unequivocally and call this what it is: a military invasion.
Are we seriously going to play this game again? Wingnut Rumplestiltskin? We've been playing the post-9/11 version ever since Obama became a presidential candidate. Obama won't say we're at war with Al Qaeda and its ideological allies! He won't say "jihadist" and "Islamist"! He won't say "war on terror"! He'll say "terrorism" and "extremism," but he won't say "Islamic terrorism" and "Islamic extremism"! It's "wingnut Rumplestiltskin" because apparently the key to solving all global problems is using the exact booga-booga words right-wingers want to hear -- say them and everything magically works out.

But if Obama does use the phrase "military invasion," he'll still be an appeaser because he didn't say "coup." Or "dictator." Or "tyrant." Or "Stalinist." Or whatever. The secret word is always something Obama didn't say, or didn't say fast enough, or said but didn't say in one particular statement. It's a game, needless to say, that he can't win.


Unknown said...

"wingnut Rumplestiltskin"....That's really good Steve!

Unknown said...

I am the Rumpelstiltskin man.
The king's got his gold,
the queen's got her fame.
And my baby will have my Rumpelstiltskin name.

[Y'all know where that comes from, right?]

Victor said...

Yeah, GREAT title for this post, Steve!
LOL GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

marieburns said...

C'mon, Steve. Marco is an expert on Eastern Europe. He may not be able to see Russia from his house the way Eastern European Told-Ya-So oracle Sarah Palin can, but in his Must-Do list for the President, he proves his creds: he has seen actual Russians -- rich ones! -- buying stuff in Miami.

Never Ben Better said...

And now for some words of reason from Jim Wright of Stonekettle Station:

Philo Vaihinger said...

Be glad they're not demanding war.

The US signed a security guarantee for Ukraine in 1994.

More incredibly stupid promises we can't keep and would be suicidally insane to try.

Just like our promises to South Korea and Japan.