Monday, September 09, 2013


The stupidest man on the Internet, Jim Hoft, is the principal writer at the blog Gateway Pundit, but I guess he can't provide all the stupid his readers crave, and so we have this guest stupid at GP from Free Republic's Kristinn Taylor:
Obama's Jim Crow Foreign Policy? Segregated Syria War Meeting at White House with Congressional Black Caucus

President Barack Obama and his National Security Advisor Susan Rice, who like Obama is Black, are holding a classified meeting on Syria at the White House with members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) , according to reporter April Ryan, the White House reporter for American Urban Radio Networks.

While there are times that a meeting with the group that is a repugnant remnant of racial divisions in America might make sense -- such as how to get Black unemployment down from the double-digit Depression era levels it has been since Obama took office -- it is hard to see what the 'black take' on Syria is that differentiates the CBC from the rest of the country.

The only possible explanation is that Obama is making a special racial solidarity pitch with his soul brothers and sisters in Congress. Otherwise, the meeting would have been open to all members of Congress regardless of race.
Right -- the very existence of the Congressional Black Caucus is "a repugnant remnant of racial divisions in America," and no president should ever attend a meeting with the CBC without inviting white people to sit in as well (sorry, George H.W. Bush, you should have boycotted those meetings you used to have with the CBC -- and the same goes for your son). And when the president and national security adviser are black, and they meet with the CBC, then surely it must just be an excuse to sit around and eat fried chicken and watermelon while dancing to jungle music. In hoodies! And oppress white people, just by existing.


Tbone said...

Did they really point out that Susan rice is black? That's gotta be satire, right?

Victor said...

I'm waiting for The Onion to close shop, saying that it can't keep up with reality.

I'm surprised that this racist Kristinn twit didn't mention that Obama and the CBC started off the meeting by screaming, "WHERE DA WHITE WOMEN AT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!"

And how did you become a "writer," if that's what you call someone who posts on Reich-Wing blogs, Ms. Taylor, when yo Mama can't even spell da name Kristen?

paulocanning said...

I didn't get this whole American thing of white people throwing 'racist' around until recently. I called out a journalist for 'white privilege', for failing to cover immigration and asylum (brown issues) in that case. Went ballistic, called me racist - for saying he was white I assume.

Nuts attitude. When did this start happening? 2009 I assume.

Wouldn't happen in UK ...

Glennis said...

It's not all white people, Paul, it's just the wingnuts with the victim complex, fearful that somehow, somewhere, one of "those people" is getting something special.

Never Ben Better said...

Correct; Aunt Snow; said wingnuts are also terrified that, as the Brown Tide sweeps across their white nation towards numerical majority, they'll get what they've been dishing out to Those People for so many years.

Ten Bears said...

Eyaw, Ben, that's exactly what they're gonna' get.

Like "Christians" and Republicans, a dying breed.

No fear.