Sunday, September 29, 2013

And on that last gloomy note, I'm going to take a bit of time off. I'll be back on October 10. I'd say I'm going to miss the government shutdown, but I think it'll still be going on when I get back to blogging. (I think very soon we're going to start hearing Republicans talking about extending it to the end of Barack Obama's term, in all seriousness.)

There'll be guest bloggers while I'm gone, so please stop by. I'm sure they'll have some appropriately nasty things to say.


Victor said...

Enjoy your time off, Steve.

Ten Bears said...

I quit publishing in seven, eights months ago. Not sure I'll go back. Pretty sure I wasted seven or eights years flogging a dead horse. Damned sure I don't care anymore.

Fuck it. Just fuck it.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your time off reading things that are not nearly as depressing and hopeless as political news- like that new Stephen King novel for example.

Examinator said...

Steve come over here and watch the round toit(who gives a shit) theatre the locals call politics.... the weather's better, the wine not bad and be like the locals whose flag should be a beach towel and Avagoodholidy didyasee that? the bikini that girl was almost wearing ...if I were 20 years younger... and the fish I caught yesterdee. Anyhow avacoldie.

Examinator said...

Seriously Steve,
Perhaps the US can learn from The Westminster system.... in the failure of the passing the finance bills there would be a snap election both houses (double dissolution)(30 days campaign).
Meanwhile, ALL the day to day expenses, under 'the caretaker provisions' (no new policies)would be covered, no BS shut down. In this case Obamacare would be funded for 60-90days).

If after the election the new gov still can't pass the finance bills... a joint sitting of both houses is held and a majority rules.
Under this system only 1 double dissolution (30+ years ago) didn't punish the recalcitrant party, the one causing the non passing of the finance bills (usually the conservatives).

The new govt calls a joint sitting and in all cases the government prevails. The public are ALWAYS "pissed off" with having to vote again ("buggering another Saturday").

However that one stopping of supply (finance) 30+ years ago gave rise to the balance of power in the senate (the states house) to the cross benches (independents/ the minor parties). The party that started it campaigned on 'keeping the bastards honest' (actual slogan)

The 1 election that a single major held balance of power and pushed through conservative changes to the Industrial relation laws they were thrashed and the sitting PM lost his very conservative seat, the 2nd time in history

Hence the majors are very reluctant to go to a double dissolution even though there is often several 'triggers' because the 3rd party power increases and the big parties lose seats. So regardless of the new Conservative PM huff and puff before the election he knows one false step and his party will be PUNISHED big time.

Yes they have their rat bags but … the electorate as a *whole* doesn't like 'lurches'.