Sunday, September 01, 2013


Free Republic directs me to this post by a popular right-wing blogger known as Soopermexican (the post is also at his blog):
Viral Facebook Post: 'I Didn't Join The Navy To Fight For Al Qaeda In Syria!'

... this post, reportedly from a U.S. Naval Chief Petty Officer, on Facebook for a conservative talk show has more than 5,000 'shares' even though it's only been online for four hours.

There's a follow-up:

Angel Clark isn't a big deal -- she has a Net-based talk show -- but this thing does seem to be going viral. (Original Facebook posts are here and here.) It doesn't matter how popular it is now, because I guarantee it'll be all over Fox within the next 48 hours.

This is just the beginning. The president has give the right-wing noise machine a week and a half to defeat him in Congress. This is going to be like ACORN or the Ground Zero mosque -- the right is going to have passion on its side and the other side isn't.

So the right is going to win, by creating groundswells of disapproval. And House Republicans are going to vote accordingly.


Never Ben Better said...

And when Assad uses chemical weapons again, the Right will own it, no matter how strenuously they howl.

Victor said...

Then let them vote accordingly.

Let them own it.
After all, it's the f'in Congresses f'in job to determine whether we go to war on not!

The President has thrown the Republicans a great curveball. They HATE him!
They LOVE attacks and wars on Muslims!

What do they do?
Their base HATES Obama!
Their base LOVES attacks and wars on Muslims!

Let the Republicans try to figure out what THEY want to do.
And then - MAKE THEM OWN IT!

But like it was said by a commenter in the earlier post, how long after they vote NOT to give the President the right to attack Syria, before they bitch that he's not doing anything?

Not long.
But with the way he's handling it, leaving up to Congress to decide, the Republicans in the House will end up deciding - and OWNING it.


Chris Andersen said...

Your assuming that a loss in the House is necessarily a loss for Obama.

That's way to simplistic a way of looking at it.

Obama did something extraordinary yesterday, something we rarely see in leaders: he gave up power. But he did it in a way that still puts him in the driver's seat.

I think very few people have seen this yet. But they will.

Shipping / Receiving said...

Good for them. And too bad for the rest of us that there wasn't facebook or Twitter 10 years ago.

Oh well, you know what they say "You go to war with the social media platform you have, not the social media platform you might want or wish you had at a later time."

Philo Vaihinger said...

So they favor massive cuts in the size of the military and a general withdrawal of forces and bases to the Western Hemisphere, north of the equator?

America Firsters, are they?

Little America guys?

Oh, and if they don't want the US military intervening all over hell and gone they need to quit, because our rulers can only do it if they have enough willing donkeys in iron.

And oh, again. A draft will not make the rulers less interventionist.

A draft enabled both World Wars, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.

No huge draftee army and not enough volunteers, nothing but a shortfall in troops can stop our rulers going places and doing things, everywhere.

Steve M. said...

I think the Republicans won't own this. I think Obama will go ahead even if he loses the vote. And if he wins the vote, the public will ascribe the consequences to him, because the public nearly always ascribes consequences to the president.

Jim Norris said...

So they didn't join the military to get involved in other countries' civil wars, like Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Vietnam, Korea... I don't know what military they thought they were joining here.

BH said...

The one that the recruiting officers told them about, Jim. Where you're taught all kinds of skills useful in civilian life, you get free medical & housing, layoffs are unheard-of, you only ever face involvement (usually indirect) in conflicts that are clear-cut good-v-evil, and you retire at 45 or so set for life. That military.

Mike said...

Somebody should point out to these yahoos that a) anybody could dress up in uniform and claim to be a soldier - how about if these people stand up and identify themselves instead of hiding? - and b) if they wanted to make foreign policy, they should have joined the State Department and not the military.

Anonymous said...

What's "the other side"? What would be a "defeat"? I don't get this analysis. You seem to suggest that there needs to be a rallying of passionate pro-intervention liberals, lest the right-wing isolationist crazies claim victory. Are there any passionate pro-intervention liberals? Seems to me the whole idea is to end up with authorization for some kind of limited action against chemical weapons usage, not authorization for anything more ambitious than that, and to the degree that crazy would-be libertarians and Muslim-haters advance that goal, so much the better.

John Taylor said...

This will give Obama a way out of this dilemma. Now, Congress will own it, whatever the outcome in Syria.

Ten Bears said...

Yes, by all means let's spend the next six or seven days talking ourselves into another chicken-shit little war. Jesus mother-fucking Christ on a kosher grilled cheese sandwhich, even you damned "liberals" are slavering Pavlovianly at the prospect. What Is Wrong With You People?

I've been to War. It ain't like TV. It ain't fantasy.

No fear.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Super cool story, Ten Beers Random Caps. Because us dum libs LOVES us some wars, right? And wars are never a necessary evil, that's just fact.

Hey, remember how Obama turned the 2011 Libya intervention into a third quagmire that we're still pouring billions of dollars into? They say it'll never end.

Disclaimer: USAF, 1986-1994

Examinator said...

As for the Navy officer? if he's for real he's as dumb as cheese the medals + his rank are showing + glasses. If they want to know who he is they would.

Ten Bears said...

I can see, Willy Bitch, where dropping bombs on innocent civilians from thirty thousand feet before flying back to a clean safe base for a hot shower and clean uniform qualifies you to speak authoritively about War.

No fear, just contempt.

Victor said...

This Libtard ain't fer no military action.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Oh foul-mouthed child, not everyone in the USAF flies planes. If you were even a tenth as "qualified" to "speak authoritively (sic) about War (sic)" as you fancy yourself, you'd already understand that.

Since you apparently missed it the first time, here it is again: Hey, remember how Obama turned the 2011 Libya intervention into a third quagmire that we're still pouring billions of dollars into? They say it'll never end.

I guess we should've stayed home during WWII as well, because war baaaaaad.

"So brave because I am anonymous on the Internet! That makes me a real tough guy! Poopies!"

Ten Bears said...

Actualy, Ten Bears is my name: Thomas Ten Bears. All my life.

First US Army, Seventh Cavalry, Third Air Armored Assualt. Ranger. 1972-1973.

Would you care to step outside, willing bitch?

No fear.