Thursday, September 12, 2013


I see that right-wingers are appalled and horrified because of this:
Recent video shows former CIA director David Petraeus being chased down a New York City street by student activists at the City University of New York.

As BusinessInsider reported, Petraeus was on the way to teaching his first class at CUNY's honors college....

The students can be heard yelling "War criminal!" at the retired military officer....

"Petraeus out of CUNY" and "Fascist" were some of the other chants....
Hot Air complains about "the disrespect" and "the ferocity of harassment." Glenn Beck's Blaze harrumphs, "After Vietnam, didn’t we all agree that this was no way to treat military veterans?" On the Fox News program The Five, comments range from "I hate these kids" to "These people have no idea what fascism is, and they have no idea that this guy has fought for their freedom to act like d-bags.”

But on Sunday, when a story pointed out that Petraeus is in favor of a U.S. military strike on Syria, the comments from Fox fans read something like this:
Petraeus is another liberal has been. This Obama drone has NO credibility. Like Clinton, he lied to the American people and stills thinks he's relevant in America's foreign policy. Go far, far away you traitorous POS, you sold our military down the tubes because you lack intestinal fortitude. Middle finger salute to you "SIR".


One thing the Liberals Got Right ......His Name IS General Betrayus!


Who does Retired Army Gen. David Petraeus' girl friend back, that is what really matter. Another disgrace to the uniform!


Ah, didn't he also provide her with classified info? Didn't he also lie. Hell, he should just run as Clinton's running mate.


Well...., general, we can see that obama has still got you by the balz...., wonder what you did this time....? You have lost all respect and are nothing more than a obama POS.


Petraeus can pack up his uniforms and his girl friend and head over to Syria if he feels so strongly about fighting. Share a plane with McCain, Feinstein, Boxer, Pelosi and Reid.


Petraeus has NO weight. He's a disgraced officer.


I thought he and his mistresses left the country.
So which is it, righties? Is Petraeus a heroic fighting man who nobly served us in a war you unswervingly supported, against a world leader who never attacked us, but who was believed to have chemical weapons? Or is Petraeus a disgrace to the uniform who backs a military attack you unswervingly oppose, against a world leader who never attacked us, but who is known to have used chemical weapons?

Sorry, I have trouble keeping up.


Victor said...

When he was working for W, he was a military hero on the level of Washington, Lee, Pershing, and Patton! (Not Ike, that Liberal POS!!!)

When he went to work for Obama, he became a feckless traitor, on the level of Benedict Arnold.

Now that he's not working for either, but he's still got Obama's taint, he's going to be forced to take heat from the Reich Wing for whatever it is in their fevered little imaginations - that day.

Philo Vaihinger said...

Sounds more like assault than heckling. Politics, phooey, those thugs belong behind bars.

Grung_e_Gene said...

It's both . It's whatever allows the Ultra-Reactionary Right-Wing to Hate Obama and Punch Hippies. Because it's always okay to blame the left for everything...

Philo Vaihinger said...

The attackers were leftists.

Ten Bears said...

I'd be happy, Phil, to demonstrate "assault" and "attack"... write it down on paper, so to speak, for you.

If it is such a bad-assed hero, what's the problem?

No fear.

Steve M. said...

Sounds more like assault than heckling.

Watch the video. Nobody touched him. Nobody made a move to touch him. It's old-school lefty heckling ("Imperialist!"), but that's all it is. You can't approve of the First Amendment and advocate throwing people in jail for that. It's harsh, but it's legal. And I'd say that no matter who was the target, and no matter why.

Besides, I thought Petraeus was a big tough guy -- a multi-mile run every day while in-country regardless of triple-digit temperatures, one meal a day, always in combat boots, etc., etc. He's in danger from some peacenik students?

Philo Vaihinger said...

If they chase you down a public way shouting at you that's intimidation and harassment.

If that's "old school lefty heckling," then old school lefty hecklers are thugs who belong in jail.

Philo Vaihinger said...

You read the First your way. I'll read it mine.