Friday, September 06, 2013


Dave Weigel:

Also, today we got what seemed to be a blockbuster NSA story -- we were told that the NSA can actually decipher many encrypted online communications, because the agency has cracked security codes, obtained encryption keys from tech providers through coercion, or actually required companies to weaken encryption or permit backdoor access. Newly libertarian-minded right-wingers have been upset about surveillance lately -- but not today.


Remember, in recent months, when they've talked about the NSA and the IRS, they've invoked high-mided abstract principles. They've wrapped themselves in the Constitution. This is for our country! Our children! Our way of life!

Except it's not -- not this week, anyway. President Obama has proposed a military engagement that's not popular, and he's handled the selling campaign for this operation poorly -- and that's all that matters to the right at this moment. All that other stuff -- stuff that threatened the very foundations of our Republic -- is suddenly no big deal.

Why, you'd almost think the right's anger was all political, if you didn't know any better.


Ten Bears said...

Principled Conservetives? Is there such a thing?

Oh wait, like those "Liberals" that want bomb the shit out of some brown people. Brown people the Jews want us to bomb. It's a moral imperative.

It's part of the plan, man.

No fear.

giantslor said...

Anyone else dimly remember something called a "neoconservative" a few years ago, that loved attacking other countries? Was that a thing, or did I just dream that?

Victor said...

Their pure and absolute hatred of all things Obama, leaves them lurching from one faux outrage to another, never able to settle on which one to focus on - because every day, Obama says or does something new, and someone finds a new thing to be outraged about, and spreads the word.

But don't sorry, the IRS and Benghazi "scandals" are still on the stove - just on the back burner, for now.

Right now, they're hoping that Syria turns into Obama's Iraq mess.

The other "-gates" can wait.

Examinator said...

10 bears,
Let's be fair and accurate about this ....
The righties aren't prejudiced against Brown people over seas... they want to kill them at home too.
In fact they also want to kill anyone who is smarter or better informed than them.

Be afraid very afraid... why do you think I left SC ? ;-)