Friday, September 20, 2013


I'm getting some errands taken care of today, and in the course of doing that I heard this a little while ago from NPR rporter Scott Horsley:
... Congressional Republicans are trying to use the budget deadlines to extract concessions from the president on his signature health care law.

And they aren't alone in choosing this time to test the president's mettle -- liberal Democrats have been pressuring Obama, too.

... in less than two weeks, the insurance exchanges created by the Affordable Care Act are supposed to open for business....

But Republicans are still trying to undo that law....

Tea Party Republicans are hoping the president might blink. But liberal Democrats have been testing Obama as well. In recent weeks, progressive activists helped scuttle the president's plan to attack Syria and forced Larry Summers, Obama's first choice to be Federal Reserve chairman, to drop out of the running.

"Democrats in general are thinking beyond Obama and are willing to stand up to him if he's not representing the will of the people," said Adam Green, who heads the activist group Progressive Change Campaign Committee.

Obama still enjoys strong support among Democrats. But Green said progressives will be watching closely how the president handles the budget battle in the coming weeks....
Right -- but one party has elected dozens of members of the House and Senate who re perfectly willing to shut down the government or push the country into default if they don't get their way. The other party doesn't. Why report this as if the two challenges to Obama are in any way equivalent? Can we please lose the phony "balance"?


Victor said...

Are you seriously asking our cowed, cowardly, compliant, and complicit MSM punTWITs to think outside the box?

Over the past 10+ years, NPR has been 'FOXified.'

And all we can do, is thank the FSM that it defaults down to the standard MSM talking points and memes - if the Reich Wing had its druthers, Rush would be hosting "All Things Are NOT Considered - And Fuck You If You Don't Like It, Libtarda!!!"

Never Ben Better said...

Boy, they're getting pretty desperate for "both sides do it" stuff to natter on about, eh?

brett said...

phony balance is NPR's bread and butter.