Wednesday, November 07, 2012


The folks over at Free Republic are responding to last night's defeat in a calm, measured fashion:
Sarah Palin: Announce for the 2016 Presidency today

If I had only one wish it would be that Sarah Palin announce her bid for the 2016 Presidency today and dog that "person" in the White House for all 4 years....they want a full time campaign.....come on boys, let's go....

She would wake up the Tea Party with a "vengeance" she would bring professionals to her campaign that would delve into the actual election process to prevent siphoning off of votes

She would get to surround herself with every hurting person who help Romney and give them a home....let's face it...she could START with 53 millions votes.

She could counter bama on everything he says and BR RIGHT as she has always been

She would awake millions of folks who feel betrayed by the media and she would be bullet proof.....

That's what my wish would be....

And those of us who are hurting would heal and form an army over 4 years that no one and nothing could stop.


I'm done with network news - never again!

I will never watch news on ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, or CNN. Chris Christie can take a hike. Schultz, Matthews, Raddow, and the rest will not appear on my TV. If they want us to head to socialism they can do it without my help.


Question: Ideas about how to realistically "Go Galt"?

I plan to cancel cable tv, quit the health club, am putting off purchases that I had planned IF Romney had won.

Am happy to hear ideas...I have to say my spouse was literally in tears last night, thinking about what dangers we face (not just as a family but as a society and a nation). We prayed together, asking God to guide us. HE knew this was going to happen, and HE can use this for HIS glory.

We just want to be as wise as possible with the resources God has provided.

So we welcome your input.


White Women Determine the Direction of the Country

White Women Determine the Direction of the Country The majority of white women broke for Obama in this election -- guess it's true that "Once you go Barack, you don't go back!" ...


Out of the frying pan and into the fire

Predictions for the next four years.

Obama 2016

1. Our military is going to be decimated for many reasons. a. Sequestration b. No one is going to enlist or re-enlist because they know that Obama isn't going to fund them or have their back.
2. Gas will be between $8 to 10 a gallon.

3. Food prices will skyrocket for at least 2 reasons. a. gas prices b. inflation cause by the printing of money

4. Due to job losses and inflation there will be massive hunger that will lead to civil unrest.

5. Obamacare will lead to the death of our seniors. This will solve two problems for Obama. a. They won't be around to vote. b. They won't be a "burden" on our society.

6. Israel will be attacked by Iran and or one of the other Muslim countries.

7. Al Qaeda is going to wreak havoc all over the world.

8. Churches will no longer be able to teach the Bible since it will be considered hate speech. Many churches will be forced to go underground.


GOP had its chance. Time for the TEA Party in 2016.

The Republican party has put forth candidate after candidate who is a moderate appeaser. How's that been workin' out for ya?

It is time to run a true conservative.

The GOP keeps telling us that we will split the vote and lose if we run a third party candidate. Well, we didn't and we lost anyway.

I'd rather go down fighting, than go down appeasing.


***Focus Kids...The Real Question I HOW Did They Do It***

We know we had the intensity, we know we had the ground game, and we know we had the turn out that gave us larger numbers than McCain or bama, so, the question needs to be HOW did they do it.

Too many knowledgeable folks who were correct in their assumptions said Romney should have won. Start from that pretense and start looking at the method that could have been used to accomplish the "flip" of votes.....(Only counting every 4th Romney Vote, etc)

My guess is that 4 or more million votes were channeled to bama from Romney in the critical areas that were needed to only needed to be in certain states and viola bama wins....

When you own the DOJ there's no one looking for the problem, (They killed JFK, they ain't just going to roll over) and after seeing what can happen without "Safeguards"= 2010) they were working full time to offset that from happening again....

There was just to much at stake to allow an honest election.

Focus kids......there is someone out there that knows how this was done, you need to find them.

These people want more extremism, more intransigence, and more paranoia. And these are the Republicans' base voters. So don't hold your breath waiting for the GOP's fever to break in Washington.


Victor said...

So, instead of waking up and smelling the coffee, they're still nippin' at their white lightnin'!

The fever won't break.
But I suspect that the rational Conservatives that are still Republicans, will start realizing that their base is basically an anchor tied to their necks.
For the third election in a row, they lost a bunch of Senate seats that were winnable. And they did that by putting up misogynistic loons as their candidates.

Republicans, you ain't birthin' enough angry white men and women!

The country is browner, gayer, younger, and more female.
And they will have to deal with it, or else they may as well grab their own brooms, and sweep themselves into the dustbin of history.

Alatea said...

The good news is that this may finally be the death knell for the current incarnation of the GOP. If the loons leave the party in droves and split the GOP in two - the dems may have some time to actually accomplish something to get this country back on the road to prosperity, equal opportunity for all, and a more equitable distribution of the fruits of labor.

Uncle Mike said...

Schadenfreude is delicious.

Never Ben Better said...

Paranoia strikes deep
Into your lives it will creep
Starts when you're always afraid
Step outta line, the men come
And take you away

Yup, time for them to go back into their sewers and under their rocks.

BH said...

Amen to Uncle Mike, and nice, apt Stills quote, NeverBen. I'm hoping Alatea's notion comes true - with any serious split at all, the R's won't be big enough to do much serious damage for quite a while. An alternative to a formal split, which I think unlikely, is that the lumpenright manages to run off anyone who might make a plausible national candidate, e.g., Christie, Daniels. They might remain nominal R's (or not, who knows these days), but they'll essentially be spectators, not string-pullers.

trnc said...

I wanted to tell the "go galt" guy that moving to Greece would be the best revenge (har), but I couldn't bring myself to register with the freepers.

Bulworth said...

I think the "quit the health club" would be a great way to go galt. And eat more really fat and greasy food.

Original Banksta said...

"Obamacare will lead to the death of our seniors. "

Because otherwise, they would just keep getting older and older and older, and never die.

The New York Crank said...

The New York Crank said...
That sizzling sound you hear is the frying fat of right-wingers as they melt down.

But don't worry, Koch money can cure them. They'll be back to entertain us before you can say "Cliff!"

Crankily yours,
The New York Crank

P.S. Forgive the previous two deletions. I was having severe typo problems.

Matthew Russo said...

O Freude - keine schaden!

SKELORIC said...

Frankly I was hoping that their self destruction would continue for quite a long while and that wish will be granted.
My one Brother-in-law (a self professed "moderate independent" -- how just like a total hypocrite...) hates "hypocrites," yet loves the biggest hypocrites of them all -- FOX NEWS.
He constantly yammers like some sort of deformed inbred parrot all sorts of Fox News talking points.
He won't wake up and neither will the rest of them.
Meanwhile, all the true moderates are getting more Liberal by default while not moving at all.
We went in to last night with a guaranteed 240-243 (the exact number is at the moment escaping me) electoral votes and had only a very short race to run.
The race to 270 will only get shorter for us Democrats in future elections.
Meanwhile, we can see there is no lesson learned by the enemy.
No lesson learned at all.
Schadenfreude invited his whole family along and we will PARTY!
And we will hope they never learn, eventually they be a tiny weak regional party and I simply cannot wait.