Saturday, November 17, 2012


The guy Texans just elected to the Senate has a rather peculiar take on recent events, according to Politico's Kevin Robillard:
Sen.-elect Ted Cruz believes Mitt Romney got a little too close to Barack Obama in the third presidential debate.

"I'm pretty certain Mitt Romney actually French-kissed Barack Obama," Cruz said in a speech at the Federalist Society's annual conference Friday.
Cruz said this about the first debate:
"It was the one time we actually contested ideas, presented two viewpoints and directions for the country," he said. "And then inevitably, there are these mandarins of politics, who give the voice: 'Don't show any contrasts. Don't rock the boat.' So by the third debate, I’m pretty certain Mitt Romney actually French-kissed Barack Obama...."
Politico's Robillard notes wryly:
The Texas Republican speech amounted to something of an alternative history of the 2012 election....
Er, yeah -- I don't know what first debate Cruz was watching, but the rest of us saw a fake Moderate Mitt who barely disagreed with Obama on anything, except for disagreeing with Obama's characterization of how much the two of them disagreed.

But I'm not surprised that a right-winger would see things this way -- to Cruz, Romney presented a sharp contrast with Obama in the first debate because Romney won. Romney was the victor, so Cruz thinks he mounted a strong defense of conservative principles. That's because, to conservatives, the really important principle is: we win, you lose.

As I wrote just after the first debate:
Generally speaking, the GOP base simply won't allow [Romney] to deviate from Conservatively Correct Thinking.

But it was OK for him to do so last night because he was beating up Obama. For wingers, absolute fealty to their principles is paramount -- except that being nasty to a liberal or Democrat trumps that. In fact, being nasty to a liberal or Democrat trumps everything for the right....

Last night, [Romney] gave up on [conservative purity]. And the wingers don't care, because he won the fight.

But if he tries it next time and loses, then they'll be upset at what he's saying.
Ergo, "French kiss."

Oh, and what is it with right-wingers and gay sex? Cruz says with disgust that Romney French-kissed Obama. Rush Limbaugh regularly complains that every moment of compromise amounts to an order to "bend over, grab your ankles." They're obsessed with this. It's embarrassing.


Victor said...

They don't care how one of theirs wins - so long as he/she wins.

Lose, and you're dead to them!

And I suspect that on the inside of all of these manly heterosexual Conservative males, is a little gay queen just itchin' and weepin' to get out.

Maybe if they gave way to their little inner gay queen, and French-kissed a guy, or sucked a stiffy, or grabbed their ankles and had one shoved where only Proctologists dare to tread, they'd be happier human beings.

Look at poor Limpseed GrahamCRACKER.
Have you ever seen a more miserable human being?

Go ahead Limpseed, grab Johnny McCain, the love of your life, kiss him, suck his limp, whithered, shriveled old dick until like Lazurus, it rises - and then let him play bumper-cars with your butt-cheeks!

BH said...

What a relief. I wondered for a few days why Crazy Cruz hadn't been heard from, and even fleetingly feared he'd decided to zip his lip for a while (given election results clear enough even to the likes of him). But, here he is, roaring back with a mouthful of Tea-Party bilge.

And so, my moronic compatriots here in the Lone Star Reich (those who voted for Cruz & Co, plus those who failed to vote at all) have ensured that for at least the next 6 years, no matter what may happen in the real world, there'll be at least one voice of unwavering unreason in the Senate. I'd be embarassed, but I got over that sometime during W's first term as governor.

What do I want for Xmas? Well, Santy, I want OFA & affiliates to start the Herculean job of turning Texas purple - if not by '14, then certainly by '16. Once the R's have to start spending lots of money to keep Texas red, the Rs' dependable Electoral College numbers will look slim indeed.

Dark Avenger said...

And I suspect that on the inside of all of these manly heterosexual Conservative males, is a little gay queen just itchin' and weepin' to get out.

Ya think?

Victor said...

Dark Avenger,
My favorite part of that photo spread was the nekkid boy cherubs painted on the ceiling.

Not that Rush would notice them when he's on all four's takin' it like the little bitch he is - or trying to drive his limp point home.

Dark Avenger said...

If it was any gayer, it would have to feature an android Liberache.

I like what a commentator at Althouse's blog said about this room:

It looks like some gay fling between Donald Trump and Jimmy Buffet.

Dark Avenger said...
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