Tuesday, November 06, 2012


Look, maybe he is going to pull this out, or maybe we're supposed to cut him a break because this is a strategy to motivate his voters, but after a while, the overconfident act by Mitt Romney seems, well, a bit dickish.

Two stories. Story #1:
Romney: I've only written a victory speech

Hours before the polls closed Tuesday, GOP nominee Mitt Romney told reporters on his plane that he's so confident in a win he's only prepared a victory speech.

"I've only written one speech at this point," Romney said, adding the text of that address was 1,118 words long.

Saying "intellectually" he's felt he was going to win the election for a long time, Romney said his final campaign stops in Ohio and Pittsburgh Tuesday gave him an emotional jolt as well that victory is within his grasp....
Story #2:
PITTSBURGH -- Mitt Romney's campaign always makes his arrivals in various cities known to the local media, and in turn the public, but never before has a crowd of this size shown up to greet him. Upon landing here in Pittsburgh, Romney's aides appeared shock as they crowded around the windows to check out the crowd.

And Romney was visibly moved at the site of the crowd, hundreds of supporters crammed into a parking structure just outside the airport....

He waved to the group with his left hand and placed his right hand over his heart for several minutes as they cheered.

Asked by ABC News how it felt to receive such a welcome, Romney turned and responded, "That's when you know you’re gonna win."
I bet we'll find out eventually that his team put out a call to round up supporters for this dog-and-pony show disguised as a spontaneous outpouring of love. But even if it's genuine, there's a point at which pushing I'm-popular! stories on the press stops being a tactic and starts being an odd combination of desperation and egomania. I think we've reached that point. It reeks of Trump, or maybe the Kim dynasty in North Korea.


Unknown said...

Do you ever get the feeling Romney is just waiting to be installed as president?

Anonymous said...

"God" is for Romney--according to Romney.