Thursday, November 22, 2012

Be Thankful You're Not One of the These Workers

But don't think they're not languishing in a slave-labor hellhole very near you.

Charlie Pierce:
Lost in all the Gentle Fiscal Incline palaver, and the warm-up to the holidays, is the story that another oil rig blew up in the Gulf Of Mexico, killing some people who don't really count in the calculations of the Very Serious People who are handling the great issues of the day, and once again giving us another unpleasant look into the corporate culture that we, through our politics, have allowed to flourish.

Grand Isle Shipyard Inc., the company whose workers were aboard the West Delta Block 32 platform Friday morning when an explosion and fire killed one worker, left another missing and injured 11 more, is facing charges of abusive and exploitative working conditions akin to slavery in a federal lawsuit filed by former workers from the Philippines. The allegations surfaced as the federal Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, which regulates the oil and gas industry, began its investigation into Grand Isle Shipyard and Black Elk, the Houston-based owner of the oil platform that caught fire 18 miles southeast of Grand Isle.
The lawsuit itself is a cornucopia of horrors.


I guarantee you that, somewhere in a boardroom, people are slapping themselves high-fives for how profitable this inhumanity was. Somewhere, business consultants are congratulating themselves for devising such a clever strategy, and they are giving seminars on how to apply these principles to other businesses. Some day soon, it will be taught in our finest business schools to the sleek children of people who never will know the people on whom it is practiced. We are inculcating in our lives an acceptance of serfdom. We are investing in our economy a foundation of outright sociopathy. This seems like it should be a matter of some concern.
I apologize for all the times I accused repugs of trying to create a lords-n-serfs economy in this country. They aren't trying to create one.  They're trying to protect and expand the one we've already got.


Victor said...

Yellow Dog,
I can see YOUR concern - these are brownish-YELLOWish furrin' people, being cast into serfdom.

But I'm white, so why should we superior American white people be concerned?

Oh yeah, "First they came for the brownish-yellowish people, but I wasn't brownish-yellowish, so I said nothing... etc."

Ok, start at the Supervisors, and work up the chain.
Charge and try these people. And then, after the trials, give them jail stiff jail sentences - with the length increasing, the higher up the food-chain you go. With 20 to life, for the owners and top executives.
And NO country club prisons. Somewhere appropriate - I hear Angola is nice!

Yellow Dog said...

Somalia: the true, no-government Galtian Paradise

Victor said...

Yeah, Somalia - where our chickenhawk politicians and Galtian capitalists can play at being War Lords, and let their minions do the fighting and dying.

Tom Hilton said...

Ugh. Yeah, they've got it in some cases, and they're trying to establish it in others.

Ten Bears said...

One need only a modicum of Liberian history to chuckle ore the irony of the suggestion - and I have done so as well - that we give the white dogs their own country, in Africa!

Unknown said...

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