Friday, November 09, 2012


Peggy Noonan today, downplaying President Obama's victory:
He won in 2008 by 9.5 million votes. He won Tuesday night, at last count, by less than three million.
Peggy Noonan on November 11, 2004, exulting in George W. Bush's victory:
The president won re-election by a relatively healthy margin because the American people judged him to be the better man.
So what was "a relatively healthy margin" in 2004?

Curiously, it was about three million votes.

This has been another episode of "Republican Fun with Math."


Victor said...

Surely you mean, "The Republican Fun With Meth."

And those 3 million voters for W were WHITE!
Not like Obama's.
So, what was like 5 million, if you use the old 3/5th's formula!
So, SEE - W won reelection in a MUCH bigger landslide!

Unknown said...

and that is the margin WITHOUT FLORIDA.

I am so glad someone else notice this nonsense. It was never a close race, any reality based assessment demonstrated that through every poll since January.
People were locked into an ideological assessment of the candidates and it was immobile short of a scandal.

Nefer said...

Ah, yes: "Math you do as a Republican to make you feel better."

Thank you Megyn Kelly. We can use this little gem of yours endlessly.

Unknown said...

But - but - there were Romney yard signs in tony Northwest Washington DC! Where Obama won 92-7! Strike that last part!

Roger said...

I guess this proves that Sarah Palin is worth about -6.5 million votes.

Tom Hilton said...

Still about 3 million votes to be counted in Californa. Just saying.

Bulworth said...

It's all relative. Except when it's not.

Bulworth said...

I forgot where the whole basis of the Romney campaign was to keep Obama under 400 EV and his popular vote margin under 2008.

Unknown said...

Check the stats for the "Reagan Landslide" of 1980 and you find that he received ... wait for it ... wait for it ... 50.7% of the popular vote. Welcome to the Obama Landslide of 2012.