Monday, November 19, 2012


The Washington Post doesn't seem confused by Joe Biden's uses of a (decades-old) slang word over the weekend -- clearly he was using it in reference to himself:
Seeking to reassure victims of Hurricane Sandy following a tour of the damaged boardwalk in Seaside Heights, N.J., Vice President Joe Biden told residents Sunday that he spent a lot of time on the New Jersey shore while growing up and that they’ve got a "homeboy" in the White House who "gets it."
The New York Times doesn't seem confused, either:
Recalling his roots as a Northeasterner "literally raised on the shore," Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. pledged unswerving federal support on Sunday for the areas ravaged by Hurricane Sandy....

He promised, referring to himself, that the state had a "homeboy" in the White House.
But the use of this strange Negro lingo by our low-melanin vice president seems to have baffled The Weekly Standard's Daniel Halper:
Biden Calls Obama 'Homeboy'

Visiting victims of Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey today, Vice President Joe Biden told them not to worry, saying, "you’ve got a homeboy in the deal who gets it." Biden was referring to President Barack Obama.
Halper later added:
UPDATE: Some suggest Biden here is referring to himself as a "homeboy," not President Obama.
Yes -- "some suggest" that! But this hep jungle talk is so confusing! To Doug Powers at Michelle Malkin's place, too!
Some think the "homeboy" Biden was referring to was Barack Obama, and others believe he was talking about himself. Either way, as usual, it was a cry for psychological help....
Yes, how true! Why, apart from mental illness, would a member of the white race resort to the argot of our sable-hued inferiors? Start down this road, and soon you'll be insisting that intermarriage is acceptable!

Obama wasn't with Biden on the Jersey Shore, so I'm not sure what Drudge's point is with this juxtaposition:

I guess it means: Biden -- still subordinate to a black guy.


Never Ben Better said...

First word that popped to mind reading this:


They just can't help themselves, can they? It's so deeply conditioned into them, you might as well be smacking a little rubber mallet into their mental knees.

Victor said...

Wasn't "homeboy" a lily-white term, long before it became "urban" lingo?

Or am I wrong?

Roger said...

I prefer "homeslice."