Thursday, April 21, 2011


Steve Benen directs my attention to a Matt Miller op-ed that expresses horror at the fact that Republicans want to block an increase in the debt limit, yet the budget they just passed in the House adds $6 trillion to the debt. Steve also cites a blog post in which Ezra Klein elaborates on this:

House Republicans voted to make the Ryan budget law. But the Ryan budget includes $6 trillion in new debt over the next 10 years, which means that to become law, the Ryan budget would require a substantial increase in the debt ceiling. But before the Republicans agree to increase the debt ceiling so that the budget they passed can become law, Republicans are demanding the passage of either a balanced budget amendment that would make the Ryan budget unconstitutional or a spending cap that the Ryan budget would, in certain years (and if you're using more realistic numbers, in all years), exceed....

The specific plan they voted for blows through both their spending and debt caps....

Oh, there the damn liberals go, invoking objective reality again.

Come on, kids, you know how this works. If there's a Democrat in the White House, debt is worse than Hitler. If not, debt doesn't matter. Do you think a simple thing like a law is going to change that double standard once there's a Republican in the Oval Office again? Do you think even a constitutional amendment will change it? (How young is John Roberts?) It'll be Calvinball time -- the rules will simply be bent; whatever the Republican president can get Congress to do will be legal. And then the rules will revert if and when the GOP loses the White House again. Isn't that obvious?

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