Monday, April 18, 2011


Yeah, I suspect that the GOP establishment will eventually tarnish Donald Trump enough to knock him out of the #1 position, but this all by itself probably isn't going to have much impact:

On last weekend's broadcast of the syndicated weekend public affairs program "Inside Washington," columnist Charles Krauthammer called Donald Trump the "Al Sharpton" of the GOP presidential primary contest and he elaborated on that claim, in addition to analyzing some of the field on Monday night's "Special Report" on the Fox News Channel....

"Then there is Trump," he continued. "Trump is Al Sharpton of the Republican Party -- provocateur and clown, unserious. I think he's going to harm the party if he runs for the same reason Sharpton harmed the Democrats.... He'll be up in the debate, and like Sharpton he will monopolize discussion and draw it away on issues that are irrelevant like Obama's birth and that can only hurt the party."

The crazies love Krauthammer when he's attacking Obama, but do you think they're going for this? If so, I direct your attention to the response at Free Republic to news that Governor Jan Brewer just vetoed a birther bill in Arizona:

She's been "gotten to"


Team Obama must have gotten some kind of dirt on her and is blackmailing her... or threatening her.


The bill was passed by a large majority in both houses and her explanation for the veto (above) is far from adequate. Until a better explanation is offered by Brewer I put this down to lack of courage. Disgusting.


I keep looking for the little mark on the back of their necks like in the '50 movie Invaders from Mars.


... Somebody got to Brewer. This is the screwiest thing I have seen in awhile.

They got to the GA legislature by threatening to withhold Federal funding for the Savannah Port Improvement project and now the eligibility bill is floundering in the state legislature.

Obama is in desparation mode.


"Remember Jan Brewer WAS the Arizona Secretary of State for the 2008 Presidential election. SHE validated the usurper on Arizona’s ballot. She is implicated in the cover up."


These folks are not going to be on Krauthammer's side. Oh, and lucky for Brewer that she's not up for reelection for another three and a half years -- I guarantee she'd be primaried for this if it were a bit closer to the election.

So the Freepers are sticking with birtherism. And what's more, on the right you can't compare someone who articulates some of the base's favorite ideas with someone who's pure evil, like Sharpton. (Or Obama. Or Pelosi. Or, really, ant Democrat.) It's just an illogical comparison to wingers. It's incomprehensible.

And I'm not sure it'll help all that much to bring up Trump's flipflops. The problem is, the right-wing media has spent so much time over the years touting Democrats and lefties who've "seen the light" -- David Horowitz, Joe Lieberman, Dick Morris, Tammy Bruce -- that Trump just looks like one more.

So the Republicans will have to keep plugging away at this -- it's going to take a lot of work. But I'm sure they'll succeed eventually -- heck, they discredited Palin in GOP voters' eyes, right?

Oh, wait -- she's making a comeback, isn't she?

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