Friday, April 08, 2011


Even though I've offered (extremely) indirect evidence suggesting (to me, at least) that incompetence rather than deceit is the explanation for what happened to the votes in Waukesha County, Wisconsin, I absolutely believe that we need to ferret out the truth. I absolutely agree with this:

The circumstance lends legitimacy to the call by the advocacy group Citizens Action of Wisconsin for "an immediate federal investigation and immediate impoundment of all computer equipment, ballots, and other relevant evidence needed to verify a fair vote count in Waukesha County." Citizen Action says this investigation should include an accounting of all communications by "Kathy Nickolaus and anyone in the Waukesha clerk's office with all outside actors, and all interested parties to the election dispute."

Will this happen? You know if the parties were reversed, half a dozen very prominent Republicans would have already demanded a Justice Department probe and impoundment, and would be threatening hearings in Congress if those steps weren't taken immediately. It would be New Black Panther Party II. Has anyone in the national Democratic Party said a word about this yet? And no, I don't give a damn that D.C. is preoccupied with the shutdown battle -- that wouldn't stop Republicans if there were hay to be made.

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