Friday, April 22, 2011


Do these right-wingers ever just suck it up and admit they made a mistake?

Oh, what am I saying? Of course they don't. You probably know about Marilyn Davenport, a tea party-affiliated member of the Orange County Republican Central Committee in California, who sent around this image in an e-mail:

For days she vacillated between apologizing for the e-mail and trying to downplay it; the county GOP chairman, Scott Baugh, was more forthright, denouncing it as "dripping with racism" and calling for Davenport's resignation (she hasn't stepped down).

Well, today Davenport went on the radio show of KABC's Larry Elder, a black conservative -- and Elder argued that she could actually help the Republican Party win black votes:

...during her KABC appearance this morning Davenport reiterated that she blames herself for igniting the scandal but went on to blame Democrats for having a "double standard" about racism and Republicans for not keeping her email a secret from the media.

Elder, a prominent black conservative talk radio host based in Los Angeles, got Davenport to agree that the "real racists" are Democrats and to credit Republicans for insisting on the nation's civil rights advancements.

"Take the initiative [and attack Democrats]," Elder encouraged her. "You've got nothing to lose."

He then told Davenport that if she goes "on the offensive" she can help "crack" the Democratic Party's "hold over blacks" during elections.

"Get people to start thinking of themselves as individuals," said Elder, who claims that Bill Clinton has made racist remarks and never apologized.

"Yes," she replied, noting that she agreed with everything the talk show host said.

The mind reels.

Look, I understand that wingnuttism is a cult, but seriously, how much Kool-Aid do you have to drink before you can be Larry Elder and not only defend this woman but tout her as an underutilized minority outreach resource?

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