Friday, April 29, 2011


In a sane world, the people responsible for this would be feeling profound shame, and would have already withdrawn the invitation:

The Washington Post gossip columnists recently published a list of "stars" on the [White House Correspondents' dinner] guest list of different media companies. This item stood out:

Even if the dinner is all about D.C. schlubs rubbing shoulders with glitzy celebrities rather than about the business of Washington, Trump should have been enough of a pariah not to be invited before the second Obama birth certificate release. After that release, he should be in the same category as Holocaust deniers, Klansmen, and people who think AIDS can be cured by means of sex with a virgin.

I say boycott 'em. Boycott every media organization that, after Wednesday, continues to give credence to birthers. If you can't boycott all the Post's advertisers, boycott those who advertise alongside the Post's White House coverage. And while you're at it...

Boycott all companies that advertise on The Wall Street Journal's Washington Wire blog, which responded to Wednesday birth certificate release by seeking out Orly Taitz and publishing her thoughts. Boycott the advertisers of Fox Business Channel's Follow the Money, where Eric Bolling discussed lunatic theories about the newly released certificate with Pam Geller on Wednesday. (Bolling, by the way, is reported to be on the short list to replace Glenn Beck on Fox. He's not just a birther-enabler, he's a birther himself. So start his boycott early and avoid the rush.)

Oh, and obviously, as Douglas Brinkley, the noted historian, has argued, boycott the advertisers on Trump's Apprentice.

Time to draw a line in the sand.

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