Friday, March 04, 2011


An AP story about Wisconsin is posted at a North Carolina TV news site with this headline:

Protesters leave Wis. Capitol after 17-day sit-in

It's accompanied by this photo, the first of fourteen in an accompanying slideshow:

Funny thing -- Fox Nation didn't like that headline, or the accompanying photo. Know how many photos in the slideshow, out of fourteen, depict someone who appears to be of at least part African descent? One. Will you be astonished if I tell you that Fox Nation chose that one when posting the story? And the accompanying Fox Nation headline is this:

Raggedy Protesters Finally Leave Wisconsin Capitol

"Raggedy"? Well, it does sorta rhyme with "uppity." And it does have the same double consonant as a word I don't really feel like typing.

As I've said before, dehumanizing non-conformist young people in this way has been a favorite tactic of the right at least since Reagan said in the 1960s that a hippie was "a fellow who has hair like Tarzan, who walks like Jane, and who smells like Cheetah."

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