Thursday, March 10, 2011


So ... I assume you've heard about Chris Christie's biggest fan?

Gov. Chris Christie received an unusually warm reception at a town hall meeting Wednesday – warm enough to make him blush. During a question-and-answer session at a church hall in Hopatcong in Sussex County, Debra Nicholson of Sparta prefaced a question about affordable housing with this praise: "Having a governor who's smart and has the perseverance to do what's right is hot and sexy." ...

I just want to point out the last time Ms. Nicholson's name was in the papers:

... Edward J. Fritsch, 65, of Sparta, was the subject of a lawsuit filed against the Covington, Ky. Roman Catholic Diocese two years ago by Kay Montgomery, 52, of Lexington, Ky.

The suit claimed Fritsch sexually abused Montgomery while she was a ninth-grader at a Catholic high school where he was a teacher in 1966, and later during the same school year while she attended a Catholic boarding school.

The diocese personnel files, made public by Montgomery's attorney, indicate church officials had concerns about Fritsch's sexual conduct with women and about his involvement with underage girls long before they sent him to teach at the Catholic school where he allegedly met and abused Montgomery.

... Debra Nicholson, his attorney, said on Tuesday that she advised her client not to make any comment....

"He never had an opportunity to participate in any discovery or defense," Nicholson said. "Therefore, he is not in a position to comment. He has not even been provided a copy of the documents that the diocese has released." ...

Yeah, I know -- everyone's entitled to a lawyer. Attorneys aren't responsible for the deeds of their clients.

But really, if Nicholson's political allegiance (and libido) went the other way, do you think the right would refrain from pointing out something like this?

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