Friday, March 11, 2011


Poll results, reported by Politico:

Sarah Palin's unfavorable rating is off the charts.

The former Alaska governor's numbers are astonishingly upside-down, according to a new Bloomberg poll showing a 32 percentage point spread between those who have an unfavorable rating of Palin and those who view her favorably.

Of the 60 percent in the poll who have an unfavorable opinion of Palin, more than half of them -- 38 percent among the whole survey -- said they have a "very" unfavorable view of Palin....

And yet, as Andrew Sullivan notes:

Palin's unfavorables are off-the-charts bad. But not among the base. Among Iowa Republicans she has a 65-30 fav/unfav split (an almost exact inverse of her fav/unfav split among all voters). Rasmussen's national poll of the GOP base has Palin's favorables at 79 percent....

But wait -- how is that possible? I thought liberals were out-of-step elitists, and right-wing Republicans were the "real" Americans. If Palin is still popular with the right, how can she be unpopular with America overall? Aren't we regularly assured that the right is America?

Aren't we supposed to refrain from raising taxes on the rich, or finally putting an end to the war in Afghanistan, because "real" Americans, surely, would never approve, despite what seems to be the clear message of the polls? So why don't we treat those polls the way we treat these Palin polls? If lefties can have the "real" American position regarding her, why not regarding other things?

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