Thursday, March 24, 2011


Why are we at war in Libya? Fox Nation reveals the secret they don't want you to know:

This comes from World Net Daily's Aaron Klein (author of The Manchurian President: Barack Obama's Ties to Communists, Socialists and Other Anti-American Extremists):

Philanthropist billionaire George Soros is a primary funder and key proponent of the global organization that promotes the military doctrine used by the Obama administration to justify the recent airstrikes targeting the regime of Moammar Gadhafi in Libya.

The activist who founded and coined the name of the doctrine, "Responsibility to Protect," sits on several key organizations alongside Soros.

Also, the Soros-funded global group that promotes Responsibility to Protect is closely tied to Samantha Power, the National Security Council special adviser to Obama on human rights.

The Responsibility to Protect doctrine has been described by its founders and proponents, including Soros, as promoting global governance....

Lovely -- Fox, which is still regarded by most observers in our political culture as a respectable news organization, is promoting the notion that this bombing is about imposing One-World Government, all because of the machinations of a rich ... um ... rootless cosmopolitan.

Congratulations, Fox, WND, and Mr. Klein -- you got that all-important Stormfront link:

I hope you're proud.

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