Friday, March 18, 2011


Fox Nation is all excited about the fact that sharia law may finally have met its match -- in Alaska!

An Alaskan lawmaker hopes to guard against Islamic Sharia law by prohibiting state courts from honoring foreign law that violates Alaskan or U.S. constitutional rights.

Though the bill's language does not specifically target Sharia, Rep. Carl Gatto, R-Palmer, said the legislation is a reaction to what he sees as the growing use of international law codes in courts that have robbed people of their constitutional rights....

Gatto called the law a preventative measure necessitated by the religious beliefs of recent immigrants.

"As a kid, we had Italian neighborhoods, Irish neighborhoods ... but they didn't impose their own laws," Gatto said. "When these neighborhoods are occupied by people from the Middle East, they do establish their own laws." ...

Gatto grew up in Brooklyn. I grew up in an Italian neighborhood in Boston. Um, I'm not sure I would say various faith communities refrained from establishing their own statutes, since I grew up with the blue laws of Massachusetts, which closed down all sorts of businesses on Sundays.

But never mind. Is Gatto -- who, by the way, attends the same church as Sarah Palin -- really sure he wants to go after international law in Alaska, without being specific? I'll remind you that Lynette Clrk, the chair of the Alaska Independence Party (of which Todd Palin may or may not have been a member), has asserted that Alaska statehood is "illegal and in violation of [the] United Nations charter and international law." Wonder how she feels about this?

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