Monday, March 21, 2011


I think what amuses me most about Ralph Nader's call for Barack Obama's impeachment is that, at the precise moment that Obama has U.S. forces attacking Libya, Nader rouses himself to say that Obama is committing "war crimes" ... in Iraq and Afghanistan. Wow -- timely, Ralph!

Look, Nader has a point, but it took him two years to reach this conclusion about Obama? It's as if, in a digital age, he's just an old guy with a stack of Sunday Timeses gathering dust in his living room, and he's only now managed to read his way through all the Week in Review sections from mid-2009.

(For the record, Nader first called for Bush's impeachment, as far as I can tell, in February 2004, "accusing him of falsely claiming Iraq had weapons of mass destruction to lead the nation to war," as the New York Daily News put it. That was less than a year after that war started. So I guess he read his papers a bit faster then.)

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