Thursday, December 30, 2010


It's mildly hysterical to see Republicans who spent the entire post-9/11 Bush era telling us that the President (and Vice-President) needed unprecedented plenary powers in a time of war are now screeching as loudly as possible that when the Chief Executive is a Democrat, they must be overruled by the "will of the people" and the GOP-led  House.

The Republicans' weapon of choice?  The little known and rarely used Congressional Review Act of 1996 which allows the House and Senate to review any Executive Order within 60 days of issuance if the order has a total effect on the budget of more than $100 million.

Wingers are really, really excited about using this to rein in Obama and his "power-mad" fascist socialist dictatorial administration, while uttering nary a peep about the last guy in the Oval Office who issued all kinds of Executive Orders without being challenged by these opportune patriots and temporal champions of freedom.

Only one teeny problem:  the President gets to veto any joint resolution passed by Congress under the CRA. It's nothing but kabuki and TV time to grandstand and attack the President.

But hey, that's what Republicans want to do.  Actually solving the problems of high unemployment, a sputtering economy and a housing depression is for losers.  It's much more fun to jump up and down and scream at Obama instead.

Hey America, it's what you voted for.

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