Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Dear Glenn Beck: You make $32 million a year. You can't find a video-site affiliate, or even just an intern, with enough knowledge of the English language to realize that "regulatory" and "regularity" are not the same word?

And this for the big freaking Van Jones scoop that I'm sure you hope will propel your loser site The Blaze into the wingnut online front ranks?

Here's the shocking video:

I don't even understand where the scandal is here. Jones, of course, is long gone from the Obama administration. He's speaking to a gathering of greens in Arizona, which I suspect is not exactly going to be ground zero in the coming eco/commie Civil War of Beck's imagination.

We're told that it's appalling that Jones says:

So the only thing left for you young folks, next year, is to go back to the EPA and say, "Listen, we tried to pretend that what was going on was a market failure, i.e., we had the price wrong for carbon, the price being zero, and we thought we had a solution -- that didn't work. So now, we're going to have to pretend like it's a regulatory failure."

All I think he's saying is that we tried to structure the fight to start moving away from a carbon-based energy system by saying, "Yes, you're right, the unmolested Randian free market is the most precious thing on earth, but please please please may we beg your leave to make one teeny tiny exception and treat deadly pollution as a priceable good even though capitalists don't actually sell it pretty please with sugar on it?" And that approach was rejected. And now we have to say the coming crisis is really just a crisis in lack of enforcement of existing law. When, really, we know that IT'S A COMING CRISIS, and we need to do something about it because, well, we bloody well need to do something about it for the survival of the planet in a recognizable form.


Beck's Blaze site is trying to be Free Republic or Fox Nation, but it's rather sad. Omigod -- there's a cross-dressing Santa in a shop window near Miami! Omigod -- Brooklyn has Muslims! It's as if the entire world beyond the cracker barrel and the feed shop was heretofore a complete mystery to these folks, until Glenn encouraged them to open their eyes.

I don't know if this is a site run by total rubes or cynically run to soak total rubes, but it comes off as pathetically naive, even by wingnut standards.

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