Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Teaser on the home page of Fox Nation:

Every card-carrying wingnut knows the long-term unemployed are just lazy people who are playing on our sympathies so they can leech off us a little longer -- Sharron Angle has said as much, as have Tom DeLay, Steve King, Jon Kyl, and other Republicans. This is just further proof that it's true! Right?

Well, when you click through to the AP story, you see that the answer is no:

... With national unemployment just below 10 percent, $20 yoga classes don't qualify as necessities for many out-of-work people who've pruned luxuries from their budgets. So in a gesture that's part send-good-vibes-to-the-universe and part community outreach, a handful of yoga studios have decided to cut the unemployed a break.

"We didn't want them to have to choose, 'Should I eat today or go take this class?' We wanted to give them the ability to do both," said Zack Lynn, a computer techie by day who teaches a free yoga class for people out of work in Columbus.

The Integral Yoga Institute in New York started offering free weekly classes last year when some students lost their jobs and couldn't afford to pay $17 per course. Now, a dozen or two jobseekers drop in for free sun salutations and other stretches every week....

Can't make it to the weekly class? The studio in New York -- and others in cities such as Chicago and Berkeley, Calif. -- have given unemployed people discounts on other sessions. At Integral, that means paying $10 per class instead of $17....

So no government agency is paying a dime for this, right? But that doesn't stop the commenters in the Fox Nation thread from getting their panties in a wad:

More of the genius obama's redistribution of wealth. Feel like puking yet.


Its not free yoga its actually taxpayer funded yoga for the lazy democrats (commies)


What about the rest of us? You know, the ones who are lucky enough to still have a job but are worrying ourselves sick over how we may have our (supposed) wealth redistributed and/or our personal estates pillaged through an increased estate tax in order to provide for those who would rather let somebody else foot the tab for their nanny-state lifestyle?


That's retarded! That must be one of those lefties loons retarded ideas. lol


Of course it is, just plain stupid waste of money.


Let's hope that the new Ohio Gov. shltcans this one real fast.


I bet they chant Obama mmm mmmm mmmmm

One commenter -- one -- actually seems to grasp what's going on:

I don't have a problem with this at all. It doesn't sound like that tax payer dollars are being used for this, and sounds like it is just individual (privately owned) studios are offering this. If tax dollars are being used for this though, then I have a serious issue with it.

Bingo, my friend -- you've poked your head out of the slime and actually grasped what's going on.

This is pure capitalism -- these studios are offering free classes as classic loss leaders, in the hope that when and if the attendees get work again, they'll be so grateful they'll keep attending (but now paying standard rates). Is that really so hard to grasp?

Well, it is for people who desperately want to feel aggrieved. And the folks who run Fox Nation know that's their audience. So they're pushing this story on the front page, knowing full well that it isn't really something that should outrage right-wingers, but it seems like a right-wing outrage if you misread the story.

And that's what part of the most influential news organization in America wants its audience to do: it wants people to misread this story. The story is on the Fox Nation front page in the hope that people will read it wrong.

This is the labor that fills some people's lives. I don't know how they live with themselves.

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