Saturday, December 18, 2010


One win, one loss today: the Senate passed Don't Ask, Don't Tell repeal today -- and, much as it kills me to say it, thank you, Joe Lieberman, for whatever you did to expedite this, even I know you're going to betray your party's presidential nominee again in 2012 (you'll probably ditch the GOP this time in favor of whoever Mike Bloomberg's sock puppet is, because Bloomie campaigned for you in 2006), then come crawling back to the Dems when -- given your inexplicable survival skills -- you win reelection again that year. I'll still loathe you, but thanks for your help with this.

Meanwhile, the DREAM Act failed to survive a cloture vote -- and an anonymous congressional staffer nicely summed up why that happened, despite heightened enforcement of the immigration laws under Obama:

"Short of marching these people naked over the border at the point of a bayonet, there is no such thing as being tough enough" for those who want to target illegal immigrants, the staffer said.

Bingo. You can't placate them, so stop trying.

Of course, the cloture vote failed not just because of Republican opposition, but because five Democrats voted no:

Five Democrats -- Pryor (Ark.), Tester (Montana), Ben Nelson (Neb.), Baucus (Montana), and Hagan (N.C.) -- sided with the minority.

Arkansas, Montana, Nebraska, Montana, and North Carolina? Really? This is where the Brown Menace is being felt? Give me a freaking break. Montana? I can probably see more illegal immigrants on one New York subway platform at rush hour than there are in your whole damn state. Sucks about the threat to your local ethnic purity, I guess, but my feeling is: get a grip.

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