Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I don't expect Matt Drudge to betray the right-wing team and avoid criticizing the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, but his choice of front-page image is strange:

The image is of the arrest of Corporal Evelyn Thomas, one of thirteen DADT protestors arrested at the White House on November 15.

Why this? Why her? Draw your own conclusions about how this relates to his own sexuality, I assume that what this says to Drudge, or what he thinks it will say to his audience, is "EEEUW! EEEUW! BIG BLACK LESBIAN!"

Does anyone below Social Security age besides Matt Drudge still have that reaction to a non-slender lesbian? Fer crissake, Drudge is seven years younger than I am. He's 44 freaking years old, and he's trying to tap into a sense of sexual revulsion that befits a fossilized old bigot nearly twice his age.

And, apart from the racial apect, I have to assume that this is coming from the same diseased place in Drudge's brain that generates his obsession with Janet Napolitano, aka "Big Sis."

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