Tuesday, July 06, 2010


I guess it's no surprise that Ladd Ehlinger Jr., the guy who made much-discussed barking-lunatic ads for a rifle-toting Dale Peterson and an insurrection-planning Rick Barber, among others, is himself a libertarian kvetch who says things like this, which he thinks are both insightful and funny:

Liberty is more important than compassion. The State should never force one human to take care of another. Hello? Even for a “good cause,” even if the majority votes for it, slavery is evil.

Also, I believe that all public schools should be privatized into corporations, with the shareholders being the teachers. Put them in charge of their own schools. Let them vote on their principals and vice-principals, their curriculum, etc. Schools should be run like Southwest Airlines, which is an employee-run company. They kicked Kevin Smith off a plane, which is totally cool.

I love Southwest Airlines.

The government is not good at teaching children. Teachers are. The government makes morons who will vote for other morons.

However, it's also not a surprise to learn how this has played out in Ehlinger's own life, according to a brief profile of him in today's Daily Caller:

He studied film and then computer science at public universities, and worked as an animator for the military and for NASA before switching to independent moviemaking.

I'm reminded of Keli "Liberty Belle" Carender, the original teabagger, who challenged Congressman Norm Dicks to take a $20 bill out of her hand at a town meeting, making the point, presumably, that all taxation is unjust -- even though she's benefited from numerous government grants as a student and improv comic.

(And yes, I am still waiting for even one teabagger to send a Social Security check back.)

And no, Ladd, this clip from your film Hive Mind is not funny or insightful:

(The point of the film, according to the Caller, quoting from Ehlinger's Web site: “What if a conservative talk show host like Rush Limbaugh were the last man on earth — and everyone else had been converted into nudist zombies?”)

Ehlinger, by the way, fancies himself a comic essayist. Here's an excerpt from his best-known recent work, a Robert Stacy McCain favorite. in which he calls for Texas to secede so it can become a libertarian paradise:

I saw my home town of New Orleans destroyed by collectivists at the Army Corps of Engineers, the City Council of New Orleans, the Mayor's Office, various Levee Boards, the Governor's Office, and hundreds if not thousands of Louisana State representatives sucking off the government teat for the better part of a century.

These obscene lilliputian vultures!

Well, dude, the government is MIA in the current crisis, and everything's pretty much in the hands of BP. And what do you know -- tar balls have now reached Lake Pontchartrain. Enjoy your free market.

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