Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I see that a Nevada woman named Charlotte McCourt recently died, and left this world accompanied by a pointed political comment:

Her obituary, printed in Tuesday's Review-Journal, reads in part, "We believe that Mom would say she was mortified to have taken a large role in the election of Harry Reid to U.S. Congress. Let the record show Charlotte was displeased with his work. Please, in lieu of flowers, vote for another more worthy candidate."

My feelings on this?

Most people, as they lay dying, have kind thoughts and words for their family and friends. Some, however, die hating those politicians they disagree with.

How sad. How very sad.

Instead of offering an uplifting message to her kin, this woman offered hate for another human being.

Instead of requesting that her life and death have a deeper meaning for those who loved her, she demanded a partisan and divisive response.

People die all the time. This woman's last wishes merely show what a shallow life she led. Hardly the sort of stuff that will change anyone's vote...

Actually, those aren't my thoughts.

Those are the thoughts of this right-wing blogger back in 2004, when a woman in Florida named Joan Abbey said that her dying wish was that George Bush would be defeated. The headline is from the same blog, although I've substituted the word "Biddie" from this right-wing blog.

So if you've already fired off a comment or an e-mail or a blog post condemning me for my uniquely liberal brand of depravity and disrespect, well, sorry -- the joke's on you.

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