Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Every Knock's A Boost--If You Know What You are Doing...

Atrios observes (rightly):

Not Looking Good For Breitbart?

Actually it's looking great for Breitbart. He won the day, ruined an innocent woman's life, and a willing media will wait for his next scalp.

It's not looking great for Tom Vilsack, who sadly still has his job.

But the game isn't over yet. If the Democrats took my advice, which they never do, they'd have Vilsack invite Sherrod to a huge ceremony honoring her *and the white farmer and his wife* for their years of work together, the best part of America, in overcoming racism and fighting against the death of the Ammmurkan Family Farrrrm. Vilsack would publicly apologize to Sherrod for having, even for a moment, trusted right wing news sources to report things accurately. Then he'd ask Sherrod to resume her old job but to include lectures and talks like the one she was giving to the NAACP to help other administrators and workers in the field, of all colors, to realize how they would need to grow in office and learn from their mistakes.

Read a little god-damned history, Dems, and discover that the race isn't always to the swift. Counterpunching is as good as punching, any day.


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