Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Here's Jules Crittenden's entire post on the recess appointment of Donald Berwick:

Health Care Putsch

Obama bypasses Congress to appoint a Brit-style health-care rationing enthusiast to head Medicare. via NYT, which buries the Brit-style rationing enthusiasm. Hey, I thought Obama wasn’t interested in health-care rationing, not a socialist. Power comes from the barrel of a recess appointment plus assorted extreme parliamentary maneuvers and legislative bribes, I guess. Meanwhile, what is it with this guy and Harvard? Doesn’t the president know any Brit-style health-care rationing enthusiasts who went to a state university? Might want to expand the talent pool a little.

Wow, nice work, Jules -- you got Hitler, socialism, Mao, strong-arm tactics, elitism, and three mentions of "Brit-style rationing," all in 86 words. That's tight. It's like a Ramones song. Your side may not know jack about actual governance (your contributes in the last two decades: Bush, Gingrich, Bush), but you've got this demagoguery thing down to a science.

I particularly like "putsch." My dictionary defines the word as "a secretly plotted and suddenly executed attempt to overthow a government." As a naive liberal, I thought Obama actually was the legally elected head of our government, but, well, I always forget that, in America, administrations come in two kinds -- Republican and illegitimate. Silly me for thinking that Obama was entitled to use every item in the executive branch's toolkit just because he, y'know, won more electoral votes than your guy.

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