Sunday, July 18, 2010


The BP well cap is holding through another 48 hours and officials are beginning to give optimistic projections that the cap may hold until the relief well is completed.  So everything's fine, right?

Sure it is. Kids playing in Alabama beach water that's 211 parts per million oil and petroleum? Perfectly normal.
News Five collected samples of water and sand from Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, Katrina Key and Dauphin Island. To our eyes, the samples appeared normal, until we took them to a local lab to be tested.

Water and sand along Alabama's coast should contain no more than five parts per million of oil or petroleum, according to Bob Naman, an analytical chemist. But, the samples we collected tested much higher.

From 16 ppm to 221 ppm, our results are concerning. Even more disturbing is what happened to a sample collected from the Dauphin Island Marina near oil containment boom.
That particular sample exploded when tested.  It blew out the glass testing container.  And kids are playing on these beaches right now.

As Chris Walken once said., "You have no idea, the trouble you've got there."

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