Saturday, March 07, 2009


While Rome burns, you know she's going to write about the damn DVDs the president gave Gordon Brown. She'll throw in the verbal stumbles by Hillary Clinton overseas and the mistranslated "reset" button story. (Ooooh! A chance to bash Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in the same column! Can't pass that up!) I'm guessing the whole thing is going to be called "Blooper Reel." She'll say Obama hopes this will all wind up as no more than an embarrassing extra on the DVD of his presidency. She'll declare it somehow appalling that he likes to use a teleprompter a bit more than other presidents (some reference there to an idealized "director's cut," perhaps?). Maybe she'll glom onto the emerging Beltway conventional wisdom and declare the Democrats' perfectly appropriate Limbaugh-bashing a fight that hurts Obama -- his equivalent of Chritian Bale's famous on-set tantrum.

Think I have it about right?

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