Friday, March 20, 2009


No, there's no justifying Obama's Special Olympics remark on The Tonight Show (he'll probably have to do more than this to walk it back), but damn, to read the wingnuts you'd think he was Dan freaking Quayle up there:

"Wow. He really has a way with words, doesn't he? ... Is it possible he's not really that great a communicator after all?"

"We now know why Barack must have, I REPEAT MUST HAVE, a teleprompter in order to sound intelligent. If left to ad-lib the man is a walking gaffe-master."

Yeah, right. Watch it at length. The guy is smooth. The audience loves him. They laugh at his jokes about the Secret Service, and about Sasha and Malia. In the middle of the interview, he's wonky. And then, yeah, about twenty minutes in, a stupid remark. But smooth all the way through.

By the way, I'm quite fond of this wingnut, who, sometime yesterday, accused NBC of "shielding Obama" by withholding an advance video of the show ... which was going to air on national television a few hours later. Yeah, this was really a Watergate-level coverup.

But Dan Riehl wins the prize for calling Obama a

Clueless, Classless Clown

Uh-huh -- Dan Riehl is calling Obama "classless." That would be the same Dan Riehl who wrote this about a Spanish-surnamed Huffington Post contributor:

Oh my God! Matt Ortega is ringing the taco bell at HuffPo because he busted Duncan Hunter and Nathan Tabor ... not!

...while we're talking Ortega, I have another question, too. Were his parents illegal immigrants?

And this about Barack Obama's half-hour campaign ad:

Anyone watch the afro-mercial last night?

And this in reference to a couple of openly gay bloggers he doesn't like:

So, I'm thinking, what better way to take advantage of the current Liberal Blogosphere bonanza of attention we've been hearing about ... mostly from them, than to launch a series of Gay Blogger Boy Toy dolls, so every Liberal commenter can take a likeness of their favorite Liberal Boy Toy blogger home.

According to our Liberal focus groups, we'll need anatomically correct dolls for Gay male Liberals, but not so for the Liberal ladies and feminists -- they like their Boy Toys neutered, research has shown.

Yes -- the right blogosphere's expert on classiness lectures the president.

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