Monday, March 30, 2009


The organizers of New York City's anti-Obama Tea Party really landed an A-lister:

We are having our NYC Tax Day Tea Party, Wednesday, April 15th at City Hall Park, 7pm-9pm with many high profile speakers! ...

Our speakers include:

- Andrew Wilkow of Sirius Radio

- KT McFarland, Security Adviser in the Reagan Administration and regular Fox News contributor....

What, you don't remember Kathleen Troia "K.T." McFarland?

Well, she's an investment banker's wife who lives on Park Avenue. She sought the Republican ballot line in 2006 in New York, hoping to run against Hillary Clinton. Shortly after announcing her candidacy, she claimed that Clinton operatives were spying on her, looking in her bedroom window and flying a helicopter over her house in the Hamptons.

Wait, there's more. She boasted on her resume that she'd "Drafted President Reagan's Star Wars Speech" and said that during the Reagan years she'd been the highest-ranking woman in the Pentagon -- but it turned out that she hasn't written the "Star Wars" part of the "Star Wars" speech and that a couple of other women in the Pentagon actually outranked her.

Oh, and she became estranged from her gay brother as he was dying of AIDS in the 1990s, and wouldn't let her children visit him.

(And there's more, including the story of why her father threatened to beat up a reporter and why a surviving brother calls her "evil.")

Oh, she's now a Fox News "National Security Expert."

And, I guess, an economic champion of the people, too (who better than a Park Avenue investment banker's wife with a house in the Hamptons?).

April 15. Be there!

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