Monday, March 09, 2009


Ed at Instaputz directs us to a collection of photos from an anti-stimulus "tea party" in Green Bay, Wisconsin -- and, well, it sure is nice to see that one of the attendees has decided that the real enemy in these parlous times isn't Wall Street or anyone in government, but that time-honored scapegoat, the young black male:

Damn, I feel twenty years younger -- I realize I've really been missing the good old days when everything bad in America could be blamed on a young male with a lot of melanin and an off-center ball cap. Life was so much simpler then!

By the way, notice the fine print at the bottom of the sign. This sign comes to us from the Nationalist Movement, a white supremacist organization led by Richard Barrett, a proud segregationist (and friend to Trent Lott) who was in the news a while back for leading a protest march in Jena, Louisiana, on Martin Luther King Day against not only the Jena Six but also the existence of the MLK holiday.

Nice crowd going to these "tea parties," no?

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