Friday, March 27, 2009


Apparently, when totalitarianism comes, it will be wearing power company coveralls:

Who is ready for their smart meter?

It's already in the's going out.

Who is ready for the government to determine what is comfortable energy usage?....

That's from a discussion thread at Hannity's site. Some replies:

Hate to break it to'em, but my meter is in the backyard with the dogs.
They got to knock on the door to be allowed back there safely.
If they've got one of those damn things with them, I guarantee they won't be getting back there safely.
Their commie ass will be on their own.
Otherwise known as "Loin of Long Pig" will be on the puppy plate menu.


Is there ONE rational idea in the Libs secret file, or are they ALL straight out of


The day they put a meter on my home is the same day I dress my kids up to do mandatory community service.

And my favorite:

If a politician is demanding these new meters that means we are in for the nightmare of burcratic taxes and constant "global warming" pariniod laws we would find the dark more often than having the eletricity. Want to listen to the radio they shut it off if they know what you are listening too.Watch TV they shut it off so you cant watch certian politicly charged shows that dont reflect well on politicians. Then they might go and use the law enforcement to punish for some infraction they remove the use of eletricity.
The present leadership would use this meter as a weapon with out any doubts in my mind.

The answer remains NO.

Objection noted.

I presume these guys are just blowing smoke, but I don't know for sure what would happen if anger got ginned up nationwide by some posturing member of Congress or radio or TV crank (one commenter in the thread says this D-list talker is yammering about the subject on Sirius). Installers of these things, at least pack the pepper spray, and don't be surprised if some upstanding patriot takes a shot at you.

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