Thursday, September 20, 2007


So I'm reading The New York Observer, and in this article by Jennifer Rubin I'm informed that

Mr. McCain has had a convoluted relationship with the president: first a thorn in his side, then an ally and now, ever so deliberately, a credible critic.

John McCain is a critic of the president now? Did you know that?

Later, Rubin says of Rudy Giuliani,

In many ways the anti-Bush, he doesn't drift, avoid conflict or praise incompetent subordinates.

Got that middle part? Giuliani doesn't avoid conflict -- unlike Bush!

Then I turn to this article by David Lat, which thinks that if Michael Mukasey is attorney general for the rest of Bush's term and then Hillary Clinton becomes president, she might keep him on -- one of Rudy Giuliani's best friends! Lat, however, does admit that it's more likely she'd pick her own AG. His guess? Jamie Gorelick! (Because, I guess, who would get a smoother ride through the Senate than a person Republican crazies think caused 9/11?)

These people get paid to write this stuff?

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