Tuesday, September 18, 2007


David Limbaugh:

I don't think nearly enough has been made of the despicable MoveOn.org character assassination attack ad against General David Petraeus and the Democratic leadership's striking refusal to repudiate it.

Yeah, not nearly enough -- denunciations of the ad still aren't mandatory viewing on all telescreens!


Bonus David L. quote:

You can be sure Democrats will ratchet up their attacks against Petraeus, and it will only be a matter of time before their endless efforts to discredit him seep into the public psyche. What will have begun as another abominable lie will be believed by increasing numbers of people who place their trust in the Democratic Party and its mainstream-media echo chamber.

And why not? Somewhat like O.J. Simpson, Democratic leaders have not been held accountable for their misdeeds and obviously figure they can continue their chicanery with impunity. No one is above their smear machine if his or her actions interfere with MoveOn's, er, their agenda.

So first Richard Cohen told me that questioning Bush and his surrogate is morally equivalent to McCarthyism, and now Rush's brother is telling me it's equivalent to violent multiple murder. Which is it? I'm so confused....


Oh, and there's also this:

Democratic war opponents, for example, could have argued the facts Petraeus presented. But with early reports of the surge's success, they had to counter with something more than an alternative perspective.

"Argu[ing] with the facts Petraeus presented" is precisely what the MoveOn ad did. Has Limbaugh even read it?

(Though you can't blame him for not getting all the way through it -- it's four whole paragraphs!)


Oh, and Limbaugh says it's all George Soros's fault. Of course.

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