Saturday, September 29, 2007


I see that Clarence Thomas, who's plugging his new autobiography, will appear on Rush Limbaugh's show on Monday.

And I also see that clandestinely paid Bush TV flack Armstrong Williams, for whom Thomas once served as a mentor, is hosting a D.C. party on Wednesday for the launch of the Thomas book.

Shouldn't Thomas also go on Bill O'Reilly's show? And couldn't he also do a podcast with Don Imus? You know -- make it a disgraced-broadcaster grand slam.


That second link above is to a story in The Hill, which, after telling us about the upcoming Thomas book party (it's very exclusive), gets into the subject of D.C. parties in general and the people who throw and attend them.

I don't think I like these people very much:

...Juleanna Glover Weiss, senior adviser at the Ashcroft Group, is known for throwing large, upscale parties in her Northwest home. Her parties, she said, don't often require high security. They do, however, require thoughtful preparation.

"A good formula is one-third reporters, one-third political operatives and/or elected officials and one-third from the think tank community," Glover said....

Jason Roe, former chief of staff to Rep. Tom Feeney (R-Fla.), is a lobbyist for the Federal Strategy Group who attends a lot of parties around town. He's picky when it comes to his taste in soirees.

"I definitely think that the air of exclusivity is a huge motivator on what makes a good party in Washington," he said....

"You want to keep the third-tier people out of there," Roe said....

Well, la-di-da. If that doesn't make you want to grab a pitchfork and storm the capital with a mob of the unwashed, I don't know what will.

(Via the Carpetbagger Report and Taegan Goddard.)

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