Monday, September 24, 2007


Has Rupert Murdoch fallen asleep at his post in the Great Generational Struggle Against Swarthy Pure Evil?

Yes, the Web site of the New York Post has a big Ahmedinejad headline as I type this, but check out the front page of the print edition of the Post today:

Hey! Where's Satan?

In fact, he wasn't on the Post's front page yesterday or the day before, either. He made the front page Thursday and Friday, but only in split screen.

Could it be that Murdoch -- who's run big-city tabloids on three continents -- has figured something out that other people haven't? Could it be that he knows that while Internet junkies seem utterly obsessed with this story, people who, er, actually leave the house once in a while don't give a crap?

He might have grasped that that's especially true here in New York, where we're told practically every September that some Embodiment Of All That Is Vile And Unholy is speaking at the U.N., and all we can think is: Oh, Christ, traffic is going to be horrible! (Or, alternately: Thank God I don't have to drive to work.)

Murdoch seems to be ceding the booga-booga-Ahmedinejad market to the Daily News, which put with the Iranian leader on the front page today, yesterday, Friday, and Thursday; in all but one case, he filled the page. Rupert apparently thinks the market is saturated. He's a smart tabloid publisher -- he may be right.

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