Monday, November 06, 2006

[Tom Hilton here, from If I Ran the Zoo]

The dirty tricks have begun.

Mark Kleiman reports that in New Hampshire, Republicans are making late-night calls to people on the do not call list...while pretending to be Democrats.

Even more disturbing: Deborah reports that Republicans appear to have hacked the effort.

It won't stop there, as we all know. Tomorrow could get ugly. If you have any trouble voting, or see any kind of irregularity, you can report it to the Election Protection people. They also have a hotline: 866-OUR-VOTE. Spread the word on these resources; they're one line of defense against the fraud we're all expecting.

Update: they're also doing deceptive robocalling in New Jersey.

Other update: Kossack debcoop spoke with a NY state Democratic leader who says there are both local (NY) and national reporters eager to speak with NY voters who have received deceptive Republican robocalls. Contact info is in the link.

Other other update: And it's happening in Pennsylvania, too.

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