Friday, March 10, 2006

Wow, a three-fer.

Via Jesse Berney and Atrios, I see that the National Republican Senatorial Committee has set up to attack Harold Ford, who's black and is running for Senate in Tennessee as a Democrat.

Jesse and Atrios say that the "Fancy Ford" site is basically calling Ford a pimp. They're right -- and before any right-winger disingenuously tells you that such a slur was the furthest thing from any Republican's mind, why don't you grab a dictionary and look up fancy man. Here -- I'll do it for you.

But "fancy" is a potent word. It implies "pimp" and effeminate. And free-spending. The GOP pinned the latter two on Kerry, but this time they got three smears in one phrase. They really are evil geniuses.

Remember: Republicans don't want you to weight the candidates and decide the Republican would do a better job. They want you to look at the Democrat and decide he or she isn't fit to live in decent society.


UPDATE: The Republic of T. says similar things about the site, but a lot more pungently.

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